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October 22, 2009

Get REALThis post was contributed by Michael Morris, Executive Director of The National Disability Institute and cofounder of The Real Economic Impact Tour.

Real people, real challenges. From individuals with disabilities to parents and family members to teachers and support coordinators to rehabilitation counselors… the search for reliable financial information can be daunting. Where do you start? Who can you trust?

After all, when it comes to work and income production, fears of loss of eligibility for public benefits, tax credits and deductions, savings and trusts, Ticket to Work, asset, budget and credit debt management, individual development accounts, income opportunities, and self-employment, real, expert answers and lessons are invaluable — and essential to your financial planning and realizing your dreams for financial freedom.

Here at Real Economic Impact, we believe in giving you real, reliable advice when it comes to your economic concerns. Which is why we’ve identified the leading money, legal, and financial experts from around the country and united them together at Get REAL (Reliable Experts, Answers & Lessons).

Our Get REAL blog series begins next month and we’re welcoming your questions now. Simply e-mail us at with yours today.

And be sure to tell a friend — because building a better economic future for all is the first step in getting real.


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