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One Special Person

December 24, 2009

Cindy Battles


This post was contributed by Cindy Battles, a freelance writer based in Rutland, VT who’s been diagnosed with and managing bipolar disorder for many years.

I have a special friend named Edna.  She is 92 and full of life.  I try to stop by her nursing home room every three weeks. Today, I brought her a paisley fringed scarf for Christmas, and you would have thought I’d given her the world!  She promptly put it on, said it smelled nice (?), kept rubbing the soft fabric against her face. 

Edna is blind.  I took care of her when I worked as a Licensed Nurse Assistant in her home years ago. She was losing her sight rapidly.  We would make dinner and I would tell her where the milk was, where the potatoes were on her plate, etc.  Anything to make things easier for her. 

You know the funny thing about Edna is that she has really taught me so much.  She always wants to hear about my life, where I’m working, about my family, if I’m down.  “No crying” over being depressed, this 92-year-old says.  Get out and help somebody.  Make a contribution to the day (mine is tackling the mountain of dishes my brother leaves behind at night after dinner so my mother doesn’t have to do them).

Today I read parts of the newspaper and brought cookies I made for Edna and her pals.  Soft, chewy cookies, naturally.  Other times chocolate creams and more Big World Outside stories.  How Edna loves stories.  She herself is a raconteur.  She has traveled the world and can tell me about Greece, Germany, Australia, anywhere, the more exotic the better. From memory.

I know there’ll come a day when I get a call that my dear friend has passed on.  But for today, December 24, she made my day.

Edna is my Christmas blessing. 

Who’s yours?



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