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Notes from a New Year’s Eve Curmudgeon

December 31, 2009


Cindy Battles

This post was contributed by Cindy Battles, a freelance writer based in Rutland, VT who’s been diagnosed with and managing bipolar disorder for many years.

I don’t go to New Year’s Eve parties. And thankfully, don’t get invited much anymore either (my friends know my m.o.). I can’t indulge in cocktails due to the medications I take for my illness, so big blow-outs at bars and rowdy parties are out. Then there’s always the pressure around that midnight kiss. Plus, it’s cold out there! So don’t get me wrong, usually, I love to be around people but there is something about typical New Year’s Eve traditions that just aren’t for me. So I’ve started my own.

Here’s the scene:  I am gliding about the house in my red tartan Christmas robe, busily concocting elaborate confections (eventually, I will create the perfect Popover au Chocolat — stay tuned). The Christmas tree is up and red and white glowing candles transform the living room, a DVD is queued up and ready to go; this year it’s Something’s Got to Give with Diane Keaton (which I’ve already seen). It’s cozy, relaxing and wonderfully indulgent. Just how I like it.

Still, well-meaning friends, compelled to twist my arm stop by early in the evening to say hello and try one last heroic time to change my mind (optimists!): “How are you ever gonna meet Mr. Right if your home on New Year’s baking the perfect popover?” He can wait. Because tonight it’s about me.

Besdies, little do they know, that I love the arm-twisting drop-ins.  It’s like having a party without spending anything more than the DVD and $5 for cooking ingredients plus (hot) apple cider.  They ooh and aah over their airy popovers with real butter. And I have company without leaving the house on a winter’s night.

How sweet is that?

Here’s to the rest of you cozying up on the couch tonight!

Happy New Year, 


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  1. Susan Morale permalink
    January 1, 2010 5:44 pm

    It is good to know, people are not just sitting home moping about the year past. One, and those like Cindy, must enjoy life as it is presented.


  2. jeanthebean permalink
    January 3, 2010 5:20 pm

    Hi Cindy,

    I enjoyed your blog and your photo too. Good looking gal(=).

    Great to know you are perfecting your popovers. I look forward to munching
    with you one day!


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