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A Little Resolve

January 7, 2010

Cindy Battles

This post was contributed by 

Cindy Battles, a freelance writer based in Rutland, VT who’s been diagnosed with and managing bipolar disorder for many years.

What is it about resolutions? Were they just made to be broken? Still we try every year in January to set down with paper and pen and select those things that we want to change.

I hate to brag but once – just once – I lived up to a resolution: I quit smoking. Four years ago on January 1st.  And I have never picked up again. Best decision I ever made.

I have to confess I had a secret weapon. I was going to Florida to visit a friend at the end of March. She was paying for everything (she was a Florida realtor, don’t you know) but she told me no smoking on her premises. This included the backyard “cocktail pool” and lounges where we would hang out. I so wanted to lounge in the pool sipping a virgin strawberry daiquiri. I had incentive!

Every time I wanted to buy a pack of $4 Marlboro Light 100’s, I would picture that backyard with, according to Lori, real orange trees above us. Heaven. And that kept me from buying if not from fidgeting. I did fidget.

Lori did me a great service by banning smoking from my big trip. I was able to save $336 for mad money (for someone who never has “mad money”) to spend on dinners out and shopping. More importantly, I was able to save $1,344 over the course of that year and figuring it out right now, $5,376 since the day I put the cigarettes down. 

What was really crucial was the fact that I kind of inspired my mother to quit after 46 years (!) of smoking. She took her time with a few tries (on average, it takes about four tries before you quit for good). But when her doctor told her he was putting her on a new medicine which conflicted with smoking, she gave it up and didn’t look back. 

Clean air. Clean clothes! More money as cigarette prices go up and up. We high-five over being smokeless once a year!

I guess you could call our method Incentive Therapy. Hey, is there a book in this?

Happy New Year!


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  1. Laura Gleneck permalink
    January 8, 2010 4:59 pm

    Cindy, I thoroughly enjoy reading your blogs. You are an excellent writer and have a knack for conveying your message so concisely. Thank you for sharing your life adventures / journeys with the NDI readership. They really are inspiring, motivational and include some great tips, ideas and suggestions for positive change!

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