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REI Tour Best Practices from the Field: Great Falls, MT

February 11, 2010

Michael Roush

This post was contributed by Michael Roush, National Project Director for the National Disability Institute and “Chief Financial Officer” of his family.

Earlier this month, on my way to the 2010 REI Tour‘s first stop in Great Falls, MT, I had some extra time during my layover. Like so many of us, I’ve added “check my Facebook profile” to my daily routine — the perfect airport-waiting time filler. While reading through various status updates, I noticed that some of the posts included video blogs; my head began to fill with ideas and suddenly, it occurred to me… what a great way to bring the stories from the field to our partners across the United States! I had the video bug. Drumroll, please…

Thank you everyone at Great Falls, especially lead partner Rural Dynamics Inc. and the folks at KRTV for their fantastic reporting!

To find out more about the 2010 REI Tour, click here and find out how you can get involved in similar workgroup meetings in your community, bringing disability and asset building partners together.

Stay tuned for more Best Practices!



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